ISO Certification

ISO Standards are a key part of our society as they ensure quality and safety in both products and services in international trade.
usinesses can be seen to benefit from ISO standards as they can help cut costs by improved systems and procedures put in place.
In addition, environmental impacts may be reduced and they are able to access new markets and customers.
For example, by implementing ISO 9001, the quality management standard,
this ensures quality and safety with regards to processes and products,
as a result customer satisfaction may be increased due the trust created from ISO standards.
This leads on to why ISO standards are beneficial to consumers… trust. Products and services which comply with defined standards allow consumers to have confidence that they are safe and of good quality.
Finally, the government can benefit greatly from ISO standards
which can be used to support public policy by getting expert opinion and also opening up world trade.
Many governments implement international standards; therefore, this integration ensures clarity worldwide for trade. If you would like more information about ISO standards and the process and the services offered by Approachable Certification, please get in contact.

Why ISO Certification is Important for Companies?

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized certification which ensures quality of products and services of a company. Being ISO-9001 certified has lots of benefits to corporations. Some of these benefits include but not limited to; Increased Credibility and Recognition: ISO 9001 certification is issued by International Organization for Standard and is accepted worldwide. Therefore, having ISO 9001 certification increases the value of your company against your competitors as well as increases your status among your clients. Increased Revenues: Since your company is ISO 9001 certified, it means your quality has been testified. Therefore, you can use this as an advertising point and price your products accordingly. Having more quality products will also help you gain more customers. Improved Consistency: ISO 9001 helps you increase the control of your business processes and the more you control your business, the more your consistency increases. Increased consistency means your customers are getting the same service or same products every time they are making business with you. Increased Customer Satisfaction: Customers will know that your products and services will always have quality and that, they will work. They will know what to expect from you. Therefore, you will get less complaints and more satisfied customers. Empowered Employees: ISO 9001certification requires the training and development of your staff being maintained. Also, it provides the necessary tools for them to do their jobs such as procedures, instructions and metrics. As a result, your employees will be more knowledgeable of what they are doing and since they will keep getting trained, their careers will improve.


As an organisation, you can always choose to work in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, but you can also choose to be certified by an independent party (such as a certification body). In practice, we see eight major benefits in choosing a certified ISO 9001 quality management system:
1. You have objective proof that your organisation attaches great importance to quality and that you have it checked regularly by an independent party. This commitment increases confidence in your organisation.
2. You achieve higher operating efficiency. Organisations that consider quality management to be an integral part of their business operations usually achieve a higher operating efficiency than those that do not.
3. A certified ISO 9001 quality management system increases the quality of your services and raises your staff’s awareness.
4. A certified ISO 9001 quality management system ensures clear processes and (communication) structures, tasks and responsibilities throughout the entire organisation. This increases the involvement of your staff, which improves the working atmosphere and reduces the pressure of work.
5. You can detect and identify problems in good time, which means that you can quickly take steps to avoid the same mistakes in the future.
6. You make it clear to your staff, your partners, your clients and the outside world that customer satisfaction is at the core of your business.
7. A certified ISO 9001 quality management system gives you a positive company image, raising you up to the level of your competitors or perhaps even a level higher.
8. It is possibly also in your commercial interest, seeing that more and more clients demand that their suppliers work in accordance with a certified ISO 9001 quality management system.